7a. Achari Vegetable

Variety of fresh vegetables cooked with tomatoes and onion base spicy and hot sauce, garam masala, methi patta and curry leaf.

7b. Brinjal Paloong

Mix of aubergines, spinach and chick peas, chopped onion, pepper and ginger salad with a touch of garam masala.

7c. Tofu and Mushroom

Combination of mushroom and tofu which is full of protein. Chunks of onion and colourful peppers, garam masala, tamarind sauce, coconut milk and finished with chives.

7d. Aloo Chhole

Potatoes and white chick peas cooked with chat masala, curry leaf, methi patta and corriander. A popular Punjabi dish.

7e. Shahi Rajma

Popular South Indian curry cooked with red kidney beans, coconut milk, fresh green herbs, curry leaves, ground spices and touch of ginger.
Tarka Daal - Vegan

Tarka Daal - Vegan

Mixed lentils, with ginger, cumin seeds and garlic