Rice & Breads

Pilau Rice

Basmati rice prepared with herbs.
£ 3.65

Plain boiled rice

Basmati rice.
£ 2.95

Mushroom rice

Pilau rice cooked with mushrooms
£ 4.25

Peas Rice

Rice cooked fresh green peas and spring onions.

£ 4.25

Plain naan

Self raising flour bread baked in the tandoor.
£ 3.50

Peshwari naan

Naan bread filled with cashew nuts, coconut and sultanas.
£ 4.25

Garlic naan

Naan bread stuffed with freshly chopped garlic.
£ 3.75


Whole wheat bread with butter baked in the clay oven.
£ 4.25

Tandoori roti

Popular Indian bread cooked in the tandoor.
£ 3.50