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Vegetable Side Dishes

37. Tarka Daal Gluten free

Mixed lentils, with ginger, cumin seeds and garlic

38. Hariyali Daal Gluten free

Mixed lentils cooked with spinach leaves.

39. Aloo Chat-Pat Gluten free

Sliced potatoes fried with butter and chat masala.

40. Channa Chat Masala Gluten free

Chickpeas fried with tomatoes, onion, green peppers.

41. Bhindi Sabzi Gluten free

Fresh okra with tomato, cumin, mustard seeds, ginger & garlic.

42. Brinjal Sabzi Gluten free

Fresh aubergine with herbs and light spices.

43. Aloo Gobi Gluten free

Stir-fried potato & cauliflower with tomato, onion & peppers.

44. Aloo Paloong Gluten free

Combination of fresh potatoes & spinach with light spices.

44a. Paloong Gluten free

Fresh spinach with cumin seeds, mustard seeds and ginger.

45. Mushrooms Sabzi Gluten free

Mushrooms fried with onion, tomatoes and light spices.